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2013 winners

There were many great entries again this year. The winning photo by John Bennett (£50 prize) provided a dramatic, fresh and crisp aspect of our most famous landmark and Fenella beach.

Winning photograph of Peel Castel by John Bennett

Snow was a big feature of 2013. Corrin's Folly by Peter McEvoy provides a great perspective, demonstrating both the wildness and a calm, as the snow descended over Peel and the west.

2nd prize winning photo by Peter McEvoy

The "winter rainbow" by Pat Tutt (£20 prize) is unique, as it stretches over the breakwater from the castle to the sea.

3rd prize photograph by Pat Tutt

This year our Facebook followers voted each month on their favourite photos of the month. The top three from each month are shown below, and it is from this selection that the winners were chosen.
See all this year's entries.

Please submit your entries for next year's competition to We like topical, newsy, and humourous photos as well technically good or artistic photographs. Photos should be submitted within a month of being taken to increase chances of being shown here.

Click on the images to enlarge

"Peel Castle", by Darren Leadley

by Darren Leadley

Sunsets, by John Bennett

by John Bennett
by John Bennett

Peel Bay, by Mark Falconer

by Mark Falconer

St German's Cathedral with a snowy Slieau Whallian backdrop", by Darren Leadley

by Darren Leadley

Sunset from Knocksharry, by Peter Cooper

by Peter Cooper

When the snow came to Peel, by Tony Faragher

by Tony Faragher

and Peter McEvoy

by Peter McEvoy

Charles Street, by Darren Leadley

by Darren Leadley


Ships in the night, by Juan Harrison

by Juan Harrison

When the snow came to Peel, by Jackie Horne

by Jackie Horne
by Juan Harrison


Sunset at Knocksharry, by Beryl Quayle

by Beryl Quayle

Winter rainbow, by Patricia Tutt

by Patricia Tutt

A breakwater sunset, by John Bennett

by John Bennett

Basking shark off White Strand, Senior Race Day, by Ian Judd

by Ian Judd

Sunset over Peel Castle, by Jean McAleer

by Jean McAleer

Breakwater, and Harbour Sunrise, by John Bennett

by John Bennett

Castle in the mist, by Tony Faragher

by Tony Faragher

Peel Castle sunset, by John Bennett

by John Bennett

Breakwater sunset by Ian Knight

by Ian Knight


by Sarah Redmond

The Segways hit the beach, by Beryl Quayle

by Beryl Quayle

Saturday Night Sunset, Clouds on Carnival Day, and A Carnival Puppet, by Sarah Horton

by Sarah Horton


by Gary Harrison

by Gary Harrison

by Rebecca Leveridge

by Rebecca Leveridge

by Paul O'Donnell

by Paul O'Donnell

John Henley's crab boat New Dawn PL.1 entering Peel in a northwest gale, by Darren Purves

by Darren Purves

Peel at Night, by Olivier Lebrethon

by Olivier Lebrethon

"Seagulls" by Lynn Chambers

by Lynn Chambers
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